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Wang Qi

Artist's Work


    Artist Biography

    Wang Qi


    Born in July 1972

    Department of Ceramic Art and Design since 2007

    Director of Department of Ceramic Art and Design

    Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts



    Education background



    Studied at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle



    FH Diplom, major in Free Ceramic Art

    Institut für Künstlerische Keramik und Glas

    Koblenz, Germany



    Bachelor’s Degree, major in Ceramic Art and Design

    Department of Ceramic Art and Design

    Beijing Central Academy of Craft Art



    Degree of technical secondary school, major in Environmental Art and Design

    Tianjin Arts and Crafts Vocational College





    April 2015  Held Ceramic Art Exhibition of Three Artists, Metzger Art Gallery, Germany

    November 2013  Invited to Ceramic Art Creation Camp , Neumünster, Germany

    August 2012  Solo ceramic art exhibition ‘Free Ceramic Art,’ Guangzhou, China

    January 2012  Solo ceramic art exhibition ‘Message on Death of Information Tree Comes Slowly’, Guangzhou, China

    August 2012  Invited to International Ceramic Art Creation Camp , Römhild, Germany

    October, 2006  Won the Prize for Excellence at ‘um die 30’ Ceramic Art Competition, Germany


    Participated in various ceramic art exhibitions in China, Germany, Holland, Austria, Romania, South Korea and Japan

    Works collected by Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Grassi-museum Leipzig and individual collectors