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Liu Qian

Artist's Work

Splendid Old Days

    Artist Biography

    He graduated from the Ceramic Art Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing Tsinghua University (formerly the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts) in 2001 with a bachelor's degree. In 2007, he graduated from the Sculpture Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree. He is currently an associate professor of the Public Art Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, director of ceramic art studio, master's tutor, member of the International Ceramic Art Association (IAC), member of the Ceramic Art Committee of the Chinese Artists Association, and a judge for the preliminary and re-evaluation of the 13th National Art Exhibition. Part-time professor of the School of Public Art, Xi'an University of Arts and Science.

    In 2014, the work "Ying Wu" "The 12th National Art Exhibition" won the nomination award

    2013 work "Condensation Series" "The 7th China Modern Handicraft Institute Exhibition" won the Excellent Work Award

    2012 "Sage Dialogue" "The First China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition"

    In 2009, the work "Matrix" "The 11th National Art Exhibition" won the nomination award

    In 2008, the work "Lianjing Shu Series" "The 43rd International Ceramic Art Conference Academic Exchange Exhibition" won the Excellence Award