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Jiang Yanbin

Artist's Work


    Artist Biography

    Jiang Yanbin: Senior Craft Artist, Jiangsu Province Ceramic Artist, Member of UNESCO International Ceramics Society (IAC), Distinguished Professor of University of London, Council Member of Central Academy of Fine Arts of China Democratic League, Visiting Scholar of Chinese Academy of Art, Nanjing University visiting scholar, vice president of Jiangsu Ceramic Art Committee, president of Yixing International Ceramic Art Development Research Institute, president of Yixing Ceramics Industry Association Ceramic Engraving Association, senior review executive member of arts and crafts title (zisha), Jiangsu Province "Great Talent Peak" high-level talent, Jiangsu Province ceramic price identification expert, Jiangsu Province’s first local talent "Three Belts" celebrities, Jiangsu Province Local Talent Skills Master Studio, Wuxi City’s First Local Talent Master Studio, Wuxi City Excellent Local Talents , Academic and technical leader of Zisha subject, member of Jiangsu Artists Association, member of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, director of Wuxi Calligraphers Association, representative inheritor of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage of Yixing City, vice chairman of Yixing Calligraphers Association , Vice President of Yixing Municipal Calligraphy Court, Director of the Culture and Art Committee of the China Democratic League Yixing Municipal Committee, and a member of the Yixing CPPCC.