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Gao Yifeng

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    "Teapot" is not only used to play a functional container for making tea into a tea soup service. The role of "teapot" becomes to let people understand the creative state of mind of a potter, through a small teapot Set up bridges to make friends across regions and across time and space. The author's own mood, or tranquility, or confusion, or irritability, or positiveness, can allow the work itself to convey to the user. Through the process of use, users feel as if they are engaged in a spiritual dialogue with each other, giving the work a greater mission.

    Artist Biography

    Yifeng Gao

    No. 26, lane 2700, Shuichan Road, Baoshan district, Shanghai201901PRC

    Mobile: 13816075295



    Job Experience

    2001-2018      The Pottery Workshop, Shanghai

    1999-2001      Shanghai Jiafulian Crafts Company Limited


    2019          "Make a cup of magic lamp that" the 8th urban the thousand cups exhibition Hangzhou


    The second international gold pot award ceramic design competitionTai wan

     Sasama International Ceramic Art Festival 2019 (Japan

    A Brewing Life-Teapots Exhibition Shenzhen

                  Shanxi Contemporary International Ceramic Art Exchange Exhibition Taiyuan

    2018          A small amplifier - Ceramic art exhibition (Shenzhen)

    "Make a cup of magic lamp that" the 7th urban the thousand cups exhibition Hangzhou

     "Art of Shanxi" - 2018, the first contemporary ceramic art (Taiyuan)

    2017         "Make a cup of magic lamp that" the sixth urban the thousand cups exhibition Hangzhou

                  "Art bo cup" 5th ceramic art innovation exhibition (Yixing)

    2016         The 10th China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artists Biennale Exhibition


                 The fifth city tao house "in a cup to change" thousand cups exhibition (Hangzhou)

                  There is great art "in" porcelain invitational exhibition (Shanghai)

    2015         Left Bank & Right Bank Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition

    2014         The 9th China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist’s Biennial Exhibition

    2012         The 8th China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist’s Biennale Exhibition

                  NCECA -The Pottery Workshop:25 Years of Passion and Education.

    2010         The 7th China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist’s Biennale Exhibition

                  “Mud in your eyes Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition.

    2009         The 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea (CEBIKO) 

    The “1001 Cups” Exhibition, Geneva

    2008         The 6th China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist’s Biennale Exhibition , Hangzhou

    Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Xi An

    Taiwan Ceramics Biennial, Yingge Ceramic Museum

    Western China Pottery Exhibition , Chengdu

    2007         “Tuo Er” Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition , Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai

                  “Ten Years” Exhibition, Pottery Workshop , Shanghai

                  Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition

    2006         Chinese New Year of the Pig, Shanghai Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

                  A Celebration of Pottery Workshop Ceramics Exhibition, Jingdezhen Pottery Workshop

    2005   Shanghai China Ceramic Artists’ Association Exhibition, Shanghai

    The First Exhibition of China Modern Craft , Shanghai

    The Pottery Workshop 20th Anniversary Exhibition , Hong Kong

    Ceramic Fashion Show , Jingdezhen PWS Gallery ,Jiangxi

     “Shanghai International Creative Industry Week” Hai Shanghai

    1.   China-Korea Ceramics Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai University Art            Museum

    10 Years Anniversary of Shanghai University Fine Art College, Shanghai

     Art Museum

     “A Taste of China”, Shanghai Pottery Workshop

    2003  The 1st Jiandenanjiao Cup Shanghai International Sculpture and

                  Environment Art Exhibition , Shanghai

                 “To Dream the Impossible-Contemporary Ceramic Pillow Exhibition” ,Hong  Kong PWS Gallery,


    Awards and Collection:

    2002     The 7st National Ceramics Competition, LongQuan, Silver prize 

    2003    “SARS Ceramic Pillow was selected by The 1stTaiwan Ceramics Biennial, Taiwan Yingge

    2008     The 2th Taiwan Ceramics Biennlae (Yingge)

    2009     The 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea , Bronze Prize (CEBIKO)

    Large-scale Activities:

    1. Took part in the 1000 Artists Ceramic Wall, 2007 Special Olympics World Summer games  


    2007      “The Crafts and Arts of Ceramics” Magazine of Shanghai Arts and crafts


    1995—1999   Hebei Art & Design College, Department of Sculpture

    2001         Ceramic Art Studio, Fine Art College of Shanghai University

    2004         Summer Class, Alfred University USA


    2019            International Academy of Ceramics’s Members IAC

    2019           Senior Technician Ceramic senior craft (First level 1)

    2018            Shanghai vocational college of arts and crafts of part-time teachers

    2003-present    Shanghai China Ceramic Artists’ Association, Deputy secretary general



    1978          Born in Hebei