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Macarena Salinas Amaral

Artist's Work


    Work introduction



    My proposal is to start from the beginning, from the mystery, from the essential trying to evoke in each sculpture a relation with the origin, purity and primitive.


    In my sculptures I pretend to develop a language of signs, symbols and codes that connect into a journey to the essential. Through shape I try to capture beauty and simplicity.


    I think that the artist is like an old shaman, because both of them, work with a creative force, and both leave in their creation and ritual a feeling or a power trapped in the piece.


    The artist and the shaman, both use the creative force of nature with the purpose of capturing the reality that is being created, the artist in his piece of art and the shaman in his ritual.


    Working with ceramics is ritual that has a lot of magic, because in that working moment, is when you capture an emotion or feeling in the art piece or sculptured and it gets trapped on it.


    The art piece and the sacred ritual have some independence once they are created, however a magic or virtual thread is maintained, that attached the creator and the viewer of the art piece. Sometimes the viewer, even though it is on his sub conscious gets to re live the artist´ s intention.    


    Technical Descriptions


    It was made of gres ceramic, with reduction burn in 1.300° in a gas oven. I start working with plates,  and then do the shape, I used diferentes enamels and engobes. In parallel I did many parts of recycles textiles mudled with threads of copper and at the end I hit to the work.

    Artist Biography

       January, 2020


    Macarena Salinas Amaral  

    After my bachellor degree, I got a Masters Degree (Mention Painting) at Catholic University of Chile Art School. I had the privilege of having as teachers National Prize Winner José Balmes and Gracia Barrios, also distinguished artists as Gonzalo Cienfuegos.

    I participated in internationally known artist Eugenio Dittborn´s workshop for artists who want to analyze their chosen language in art. After this soul searching I approached Huara Huara studio, directed by Ruth Krauskopf,  where I am a member already for 7 years. I also work in my private studio, and I attend Huara Huara to share criticism and activities.

    My work in clay sculpture is about the simplicity of forms, texture, nature and ethnic magic. I have had three solo shows and nineteen colective exhibitions in Chile, one in France. Past year I have been selected, among many postulants, for the Chilean Pavillion in the Revelations Biennale 2019, Grand Palais, Paris.

    I have been selected for Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2019 KICB, for the web exhibition, at Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.