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Goneau France

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    I work with the concept of adornment, as instrument of power and meaning, to examine artifices that shape and reveal the power of a feminine mystic and to provoke an intimate encounter with fascinating enigmatic empires. My explorations aim to offer nuanced observations on the cultures, traditions and protocols that structure them, as well as the incapacity felt towards them. These embellishments illustrate speculations on identity, function, standards of perfection and seduction to express a territory that is both familiar and elusive. Using diversion and shifts in meaning to embody particular realities of self-expression, desires and power, but also of social conventions or prohibitions, these ornamental instruments impose their own presence, somewhere between the immediacy of the experience and an uncertain memory, to whisper secrets about the unfathomable pinkness of femininity.

    Artist Biography

    France Goneau is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. She holds degrees from both the School of Design and the School of Visual Arts of University of Quebec in Montreal. She has received numerous research grants from Canada Council for the Arts and Quebec Council for the Arts. Her ceramic sculptures have been presented in several solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Manises and Paris. She has taken part in various artist residencies, including Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Quebec Studio in Tokyo and Quebec Studio in New York.