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Cesar Forero

Artist's Work

Exhausted Sitting on the Edge

    Work introduction

    Forero’s artwork moves among painting, sculpture and performance art, creating a large and complex philosophical field. Forero’s inspiration comes from his interest in social, humanitarian issues and the intrinsic relationship of our actions affecting the ecosystem. His work feeds on the multiculturalism present in the Canadian society, and the diverse ecosystem of northern Ontario.


    Comparing the performance work with the opera, where the multidisciplinary aspects of the work are constructed by the combination of visual, literary and music art, Forero creates complex pieces involving painting, sculpture and performance. Although his artwork stands perfectly as individual painting, sculpture or performance pieces; the combination of all the elements united in an installation with performance creates a unique and complex work, where each of the components acts to form a range of fantasy and mystery.


    Forero’s work, belonging to the concept of the Carnivalesque, grows with great influence of the Latin American, African and Indigenous cultures of his origins and Colombian ancestry. Fantasy is present in his compositions and gives personality to the characters that are part of his pieces.


    This piece creates awareness of the terrible contamination of our waters. Jelly fish blooms on warm and low oxygen waters. Here a fatigued old jellyfish lady meditates exhausted at the edge of a base shell like form. Her tentacles, as hairs, are falling and decaying. On her left eye a tear is about to run on her cheek. The texture and finishing on the piece makes us have the feeling of an underwater scene.

    Artist Biography

    I am a Colombian-born Canadian citizen with a background in architecture, sculpture, painting, and public performance.  I hold an MA from the Minnesota State University and a MFA from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. I have taught architecture, design and art at university level in Colombia, United States, and Canada. I currently sit on the boards at the Temiskaming Art Gallery, in Haileybury, Sculptors Society of Canada and Ontario Society of Artist, in Toronto, and Contemporary Art Committee, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario; in which I am the creator and current president.


    I have been honoured with the creation of public commissions for the Town and Mine memorial in Matachewan Ontario, and The Kirkland Lake Commemorative Plaque at Toburn Site.  I have been a finalist in the 2008 Public Art Competition for St. Clair Avenue W. Transit Improvement project, the Pride 2014 Church Street Murals, and The PanAm path (Panamerican Games) 2015. My work stands in both public and private collections, and has been shown in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Poland, Taiwan and USA. My active record of exhibitions includes thirty solo shows, and multiple curated art-shows from 1997 until today. As highlight of my performance work stands the performance at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) on April 2012.


    I have been an artist in Residency at the Living Arts Centre Residents program, LIA International Art Program in Leipzig Germany, Fundación ACE in Buenos Aires Argentina, and Artic Ceramic Centre (ACC) Posio, Finland.  I have also being the recipient of several grants from the Ontario Arts Council, multiple awards in US and Canada, and was honoured as Establish Visual Artist of the Year 2007 by the Mississauga Arts Council.


    My architectural experience emphasises design and I’ve completed from creation to construction projects in Colombia and Canada.