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Acácia Azevedo

Artist's Work

Threshold Effect

    Work introduction

    My current work is focused in multiplicities, thresholds and potentialities. Connections between subjectivities, subtleties and forms.  It´s not about what ceramics has always been. As well as objects, words and thoughts do not become one; tradition, culture and history are also driven by the displacement of memory. The continuity is decomposed into multiple fibers that are constantly deconstructed in traces of heterogeneity.

    The contemporary world is, paradoxical and multiple , as it creates innovative ways for us to connect, but also drives us apart. My ceramics is designed to create interaction and alterations in our day-to-day mechanics. It intends to be a fold between me and the other, the utilitarian and the artistic pieces, coexisting in my production and desire a dialogical process with the audience.

    Ceramics tells us about our subjectivities,  it needs time and it takes energy to be produced and only through this process, almost always, produces uniqueness in the multiplicity. As Joanna Powell has said: “I believe that all objects contain energy that embodies a feeling” and that feeling can connect, affect us. And by that connection we can create a better understanding of the necessary différance (Derrida, 2003). Thus, the world of literature and ideas is my inspiration.

    Artist Biography

    Acácia Azevedo (b. 1967, Recife, PE, BRA) currently (2019) attends a MFA at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (PUCC-SP) and holds two Post-graduate degrees, one  in Visual Arts by Faculdade Futura (Futura Faculty, 2019) and in Arts Teaching Methodology by Instituto de Educação Ateneu (Ateneu Educational Institution, 2018), and a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy by Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Pernanbuco (PUC-PE, 1993). She has, over the years, exhibited her work throughout Brazil and Internationally, including exhibitions in São Paulo (BRA), China, India, Turkey, Thailand, Spain and Portugal, since 2008.

    Only in 2019, Acácia exhibited at the “International I Macsabal Silk Road Exhibition” in Turkey; at the “5th Hong Guang Zi Qi International Ceramic Week” in China and both in both the “Art for Peace Tower” and “Nothing is as it seems” exhibitions in India. In the same year she presented the exhibitions “Vestir Cerâmica”, “Tensionamentos” and “Metamorfose" in São Paulo (BRA).S he also has hosted two solo exhibitions in the same city.  

    Acácia, recently has been nominated as a member of both the International Academy of Ceramic (IAC, 2019) and the International Ceramic Artists Association (ICAA, 2018). And also, she’s is a founding member of the Cerâmica Contemporânea Brasileira (CCBras – Brazilian Contemporary Ceramics, 2010).

    Currently, Acácia is the owner, creator and teacher at  “AA Ceramic Studio” (Vinhedo, SP, BRA), which she founded in 2009. There she teaches electric wheel classes and works as a ceramic artist, producer, and researcher in the realms of electric wheeling, manual modeling, glaze formulation, and screen printing on ceramic.