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Svetlana Kiriluk

Artist's Work

Inanimate Nature

    Work introduction

    Cube is a form invented by man. I combined it with a natural motive, reminiscent of marine inhabitants. I used two types of clay chamotte and porcelain. At high temperatures, clay comes to life and behaves unpredictably, like a living creature.

    Modern society lives in an information-saturated world. For this reason, I did not want to go into any complicated concepts. Today, a person does not need to leave a moment to look at the world around him, to find beauty in simple things, to learn to notice them, to receive and admire them.

    I want the viewer to rest while watching work stop his view on what attractions him and immerse himself of in associative, imaginative thinking.

    Artist Biography


    My name is Svetlana. I was born in 1990 in Belarus. 

    I like different kinds of art and my first art education related to design. After that, I discovered ceramics. As it turned out, it combines different types of art: sculpture, painting, and graphics.

    In 2011 I entered at the Academy of Arts, department of ceramic and graduated it in 2016. The first symposium in which I took part held in Ukraine. Then I went to the symposiums in Poland, Estonia and China. I also took part in various exhibitions in different countries.

    I try to study old ceramics and follow the work of modern artists. I like to try new techniques, but I mainly work with casting and plaster molds. And then I experiment with different types of clay and firing temperature.

    I draw my inspiration from nature. Often the material itself shows what form it wants to take. I like ceramics because it can always surprise me.