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Petra Lindenbauer

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    Petra Lindenbauer


    One of central themes of  my works is to create ceramic objects that will emphasize the delicacies of food in a modern and uncoventional  way, as most traditonal food presentations often fail to reveal the elegance of food.   In this work, I intend to direct the beholders to focus on the ceramic object as the central piece of food presentation.  The neutral color of the glaze is not only trying to visually highlight the food, but also to integrate the food with the artwork.  Due to the organic texture of the vivid object’s corpus,  the upper surface of ceramic piece emerges  and embeds  the food naturally.  In particular, the goal of this presentation also attempt  to enhance the preciousness of enjoying food.

    Artist Biography


    Petra Lindenbauer


    Presentation and Exhibition


      XIV Biennial Artistic Ceramics Aveiro, Museum Santa Joana, Aveiro, Portugal.


    First Taiwan International Chawan Festival, Northern Miaoli Art Center, Miaoli, Taiwan


    Steinbeisser`s Experimental Gastronomy, contributing unique pieces for the event, Vienna, Austria.


    Table Tales, Solo Exhibition at Gallery Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria.


    Traditional Macsabal Competition and Exhibition, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.


    ArtCeram 2018, Sixième Biennale de Céramique Internationale Contemporaine, Galerie Du Sel, Sèvres, France.


    Mugs and Cups, Weavers Studio for the Arts, Kolkata, India.


    “Die Frau – Das Subjekt der Kunst“ (Woman-Subject of Art), Kunsthandel Pohlhammer, Steyr, Austria.


    Rijeka Mini Art, Galeria Jural Klovic, Rijeka, Croatia.


    Espresso and Cappuccino Cups, Museo della Ceramica di Fiorano Castello di Spezzano, Fiorano Modenese, Italy.


    International Tea Ware Expo, H2O Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.


    Chawan Expo, Northern Miaoli Art Center, Miaoli, Taiwan.


             International Tea Ware Expo, Ruoshui Tea Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan.


    “East /West Invitational Ceramics Exhibition, - Heritage and Diversity“, Hanyang University, Seoul, South-Korea.  


    “Ceramic Words on the Silk Road“, Beijing Imperial Ancestral Tempel of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China.


    “Du Bol 2015“, Gallery Alliages, Lille, France.




    Baikal CeraMystica, Lake Baikal - Olkhon Island, Russia


    ICAF Sasama, Internat. Ceramic Art Festival, Sasama, Japan


      International Raku-Symposium, Plemenitaš, Croatia


      10th International Terra Cotta Symposium Eskišehir, Turkey


    International Woodfire Festival, Beijing, China


    Taean Nature Art and Woodfire Festival, Taean, South-Korea





    Serigraphy – Printed Clay by Maria Geszler Garzuly, Kecskemét, Hungary


    Woodfiring and Nature Glaze by Lou Smedts, Gaoan, Prov. Fujian, China


    Tatara-Technique by Mami Kato, Barcelona, Spain


       Mould Making by Sasha Wardell, Bradford-on- Avon, England




    „Ceramics-Design-Tableware“, Forum GastroSuisse, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland.


    “Tableware- specific subject and realisation”, College for Ceramics and Firing Techniques Stoob, Austria.


    “Ceramic Art in Austria, Present and Past; A Survey”, presenter and coordinator of the Austrian artist-participants, Hanyang University, Seoul, S-Korea.


    Contributing Correspondent Neue Keramik/New Ceramics – The European Ceramics Magazine.