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Gabriele Hain

Artist's Work

Red Ice, Spheres, WRW 8/2

    Work introduction




    Work is a dialogue with form, space, colour and light.

    Porcelain is the most beautiful and challenging material to me. Working with it is an ongoing research and means investigating the creative potential of materials and manufacturing processes as well as developing colours, glazes and contrasting surfaces. I am fascinated by the translucency of porcelain and always want to show its uniqueness and fragility but also its strength and density.

    On the basis of mainly cylindrical shapes I am experimenting with careful cutting, carving and perforating, but also brush painting. Thus reducing the walls of the vessel and provoking a power play between matter and glaze the piece is transformed during the firing process to its final shape and appearance: lightness, movement and translucence at the limit of what is makeable and visible.

    Artist Biography



    Born in Austria 1955

    Since 1985 own studio and showroom in Austria, since 1991 hainAG with Alois


    1975–1980 University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

    1980-81 postgraduate studies in Helsinki

    1981–1985 artist-in-residence at Bing & Grøndahl, Copenhagen

    1984, 87 artist-in-residence at Contemporary Porcelain, New York

    2001 Kahla kreativ, Germany

    2003 artist-in-residence in Seto, Japan

    2006 artist-in-residence in Tajimi, Japan

    2010 Porcelain Symposium Walbrzych, Poland


    Selected Solo Exhibitions

    Bing & Grondahl, Copenhagen; MAK, Vienna; Contemporary Porcelain, New York; Scanform, New York; Looshaus, Vienna; Kunstindustrimuseet Copenhagen; Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach; Galerie Unart, Villach; VKB Gallery Gmunden; Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Mino;


    Selected Group Exhibitions

    Galerie Handwerk, Munich; Gallery 1 One, Tokyo; St. Joseph’s Gallery;  Leeuwarden; Seto City Art Museum; Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Mino, Gifu; MAK, Vienna; Sakazuki Art Museum, Tajimi;  AbOvo Gallery, Todi; Think Tank Edition 06, Munich, London, Bergen; Galeria Szkla i Ceramiki, Wrocllav; Neues Museum in Nuremberg; Puls, Brussels; Kunst Vonlanthen, Chur; Musée de Carouge, Geneve; Hanyang University Museum, Seoul; Grasssi Museum, Leipzig; NÖDOK, St. Pölten; House of Porcelain with Blue Blood, Dubi; Modern Masters, IHM, Munich



    9th, 10th Biennale Vallauris; 1st, 2nd,, 7th Festival Mino; 2nd Triennale Nyon; Fletcher Challenge, Auckland, Grassi Fair, Leipzig; Ceramic and Glass Art Festival Seto; Taoxichuan Spring Art Fair, Jingdezhen


    Selected Collections

    MAK, Vienna; Royal Copenhagen, Copenhagen; MKG, Hamburg; Keramion, Frechen; Gifu Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Tajimi; Landesgalerie Oberösterreich, Linz; Collection Welle, Paderborn; Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen; Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Gifu, Mino; MAK, Gera; Lentos Art Museum, Linz; Grassimuseum, Leipzig; Seto City Art Museum; Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute Museum; Kammerhof Museums Gmunden; Taoxichuan Art Foundation, Jingdezhen.


    National and international Awards and Fellowships