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Alejandra Jones

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    For years, while raising my daughters, my work was intimate and linked to family and social bonds. In this period I worked with totem-like shapes expressing the static conception of life of many people and the difficulty to modify this behavior.


    Later on, this vision changed and I started working with egg-shapes in an attempt to show different ways of walking life, then static totem-shapes turn into the egg-like shapes as a metaphor of life.


    Today I have two lines of work using eggs and flowers to express feelings, and the series “Banquets” and “Step by Step” which reflect social behaviors and choices.


    Finally, I believe these feelings and reflections gives the possibility of building our own way in life and our work as artists.




                                                                      Alejandra Jones

    Artist Biography


    Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 11th 1951.


    Member of executive Committee A.C.I.A. International Ceramics Association in Argentina.


    Organizer of the International Session of Contemporary Ceramics, Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Degree: Master in Management Education, Matanza National University. Thesis on “The importance of Arts in Education”


    Ceramics studies with masters as: Marta Kearns, Vilma Villaverde, Leo Tavela, Emilio Renard, Antonio Pujía, amongst others. 


    Post grade Courses “2004, Taiwan Artist in Argentina” and “2005, Japanese Artists in Argentina” Misiones National University. “2008, USA Artists in Argentina” Misiones National University. “Fotocerámica”, Misiones National University, 2009.


    Residence and Symposia al: 2018 I Symposium of Latin American Ceramics, Uttarayan Ceramics Fundation, Vadodara, India, 2007  Sambao Art Institute, Jingdehzen, China; 1994 Sargadelos Porcelain Factory.


    Grant at the Seminaries of Sargadelos, Lugo, Spain, 1992.


    Teacher at High School on Fine Arts “Ernesto de la Cárcova”. I.U.N.A.


    Wrote a book  “Cerámica Raku, una técnica una pasión”, A.Jones-A.M. Divito, 1999, Edited by Belgrano’s University Foundation, sponsored by Buenos Aires City Government and the National Found of Arts. 2ª Edition: Ed. Lumiere , May 2005.


    Jury in different national awards.

    Made fourteen Solo eshibitions 




    1st Prize I National Salon of Small Format, Formato “Antonio Rizzo” 2017 Tandil, Argentina.

    Grand Prix 55° Annual Award on Ceramic Art  C.A.A.C Argentine Ceramic Art Center, 2014.      .

    1st. Acquisition Prize, National Award on Visual Arts  2008

    1st. Acquisition Prize, National Rosario Ceramic Award 2004  

    Unique Prize in Mural Section. National Award in Ceramics

    1st Prize Aliance Francaise Award, Fortabat's Foundation  

    1st Prize in Sculpture. Dimension Art Center Award

    1st Prize in Sculpture. II Biannual Award, Art Association, La Plata  

    1st Prize in Sculpture. Award on Small Size, Argentine Ceramic Art Center (CAAC)


     MAIN COLLECTIONS:  Work in Public Collections      

    Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche. Faenza. Italy  

    Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, Jingdezhen, China.

    Auckland Institute Museum, New Zealand

    Universal Ceramic Museum, El Cairo. Egypt

    Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic